'Safe Harbour' for US-based Hosting

Managing personal data across the interweb has been one of the major issues over the last decade.It is true to say that there is so much personal, even intimate, information about millions of people on the internet that it really begs the question- is there such a thing as personal privacy any more?

When people you don't know can search your name (or your business) and find out things about you that you don't expect to be there it can sometimes be a frightening experience. Faceboook is probably the one that comes to mind for most people but there are degrees of privacy at much deeper levels that should be maintained as a matter of course. Things like your medical information, credit history, family structure, buying habits, purchasing details and of course your credit card information.

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websecurityIdentifying Threats

Many people view their statistics on a regular basis, the more hits they get the better they believe their site is performing. However, if you are getting a lot of hits and this is coupled with bogus registrations then you could be on a SPAM botlink where foreign websites attempt to register and link via your site to promote themselves and their SPAM.

This could also represent some form of hacking where you potentially could end up with a compromised site and even a compromised server.

So, how do you identify these types of intrusions and in simple terms how can you deal with them?

The first thing to do is to take a pro-active stance with your website. To put it up there and then forget about it is not recommended especially if there is any form of registration or form process where information needs to be recorded. Think about ways to manage your site so that threats are minimised.

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get IMAP for
Business eMail

Managing eMail does not have to be hard, it just needs to be done properly

All of our web hosting services also provide IMAP solutions as part of the package but, did you know you can just have IMAP and still have your own domain name?

We are very happy to provide IMAP Services at the special offer rate of £17.99 a year for small businesses and start up companies because this is a more sensible way to manage your email across your phone, laptop and PC.

So why not give us a call and get yourself and your business on a professional footing and never have to forward your email to yourself again.

We can have you up and running in only a few days and it really is the ideal way to manage your business communications.

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Choose a web design partner

The Web designer you decide on must be able to communicate and relate to your business, They must also have sufficient business acumen in their own right to understand that there is always a trade-off between design and functionality (form follows function). Pretty sites attract interest, but rarely produce business unless it is for the web designer so make sure your web designer is one that can make a site work for the visitor and avoid the pitfalls of designer ego or allowing your view to superimpose itself over the need for results. Just remember you are not the designer, they are but also make sure that it is the customer you both focus on.

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dataprotectIt's your business

Backing up your data is your responsibility. Well, honestly you have to agree with this statement don't you?  After all who does your data belong to - you, or your website developer or hosting provider. Who loses out when it fails - everyone else, or just YOU?

There is not a day goes by when I don't hear of someone, somewhere losing their business or their ability to operate efficiently because they never backed up their data on their PC, their website, or their memory stick. Why would you not do that?  Why would you put in 6 months work and pay out hundreds or even thousands of pounds and then 'woosh!' suddenly its all gone because of the lack  of simple back-up.... stupid!

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What clients say:
My website project was a fairly complex one and Parrot Hosting did everything as promised along the way and was patient with me when I delayed the project more than once. The finished result is just what I was looking for"